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My food & exercise routine

I want to recap on my food & exercise routine. Just so you know, that picture above this post, yeah, that’s not me. According to my BMI and scale set by the NHS I’m clinically obese don’t you know. What a joke hey!? Why don’t you measure yours, and you can see if you’re a fat **** just like me!

content provided by NHS Choices

My current exercise regime

I wanted to track my current food input, exercise routine and look for what I’m doing wrong, and also where I can optimise. You may find this information useful for yourself. I’ve certainly witnessed considerable gains with following all of the below, but I’ve spent a lot of time ensuring it works for me and lots of trial and error has got me here. As always, go and see an expert and ensure you are doing the right thing for your body. Maybe get a genetic screening, and go and see your GP always, before you embark on a health & fitness plan.

Food input

I’m currently eating a calorie deficit of around 400 kcals per day, meaning I’m consuming around 1800 kcals and spending 400-750 kcals of energy through general movement and gym work. This means my weight slowly declines gradually over time in a sustainable way. Its hard going though, and to make this sustainable for the rest of my life, I ensure as well as training my attitude towards food and my brain in terms of habits, I do go easy on myself if I want a day off here or there.

My week day routine consists of

  • Breakfast 50-75g of plain porridge oats made with water, topped with raisins and a semi-raw banana (no more than 3 of the five days I’ll add banana)
  • Lunch is a low carb vegetables and main protein source such as chicken or fish. Seasoned with chilli, garlic and some hot sauce.
  • Dinner in the evening will be low-carb, usually made up of a main protein source, such as chicken, fish, sausages, beef mince, or steak and paired with scrambled egg and sometimes with an undressed salad or steamed vegetables.

Tea and coffee is kept to no more than 1-2 cups a day often with absolutely zero cups being drunk.

2-4.5l of water drunk each day without fail.

I don’t even bother tracking this anymore in MyFitnessPal, as I’m religious with it. Yeah occasionally I’ll swap out a evening meal with a carby cheat meal, but that’ll be no more than maybe 1 in every fifteen evenings.

Weekends are no different, with the exception of 2-4 units of alchohol and 1-2 cheat meals in the evening. For the rest of the day I’ll still stick to schedule, and over the weekend I’ll do at least a 16k run or 10k high intensity mountain bike ride.

Exercise Programme

  • 60 minutes in the gym 12-1.15 consisting of the course of a month;
  • Week 1, half cardio, half weights
  • Week 2, Predominantly weights
  • Week 3, Predominantly cardio
  • Week 4, half cardio, half weights

Weight routine

Rear Delt Led fly

  • 100 reps inverse
  • 100 reps normal
  • 45kg

Lat pull down

  • 50 reps @55kg
  • 50 reps @50kg

General routines

  • Abdominal crunches
  • 100 reps at 35kg slowly increased
  • 1000m Row, in 6mins 20, (time comes first)
  • 2-3k 15 min med-high intensity negative incline treadmill
  • Freeweights bicep curl 10 reps 15kg
  • Freeweights bicep curl 10 reps 17.5kg
  • Bentover row 10 reps 15kg
  • Bentover row 10 reps 17.5kg
  • Lateral raise 10 reps 15kg
  • Lateral raise 10 reps 17.5kg

How do I feel?

I’ve been doing this over two years now. I have to say, not only is my transformation visible, I’ve never felt better. If you want an advert for healthy living, then I am it. I’m faster, stronger, full of energy and squeeze the shit out of each day. This makes me perform better in every aspect of my life, personally & professionally. Through this time, I’ve retrained everything I thought I knew about my own body, my own health, diet, nutrition & my mental approach to my own performance. Its been hella hard, and I am still absolutely no way near where I need to be. That is frightening.

What do you think?

What do you reckon? Am I making any heinous mistakes? Anything I could be doing better? Let me know on Twitter

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