If you are a PR company or advertiser looking to work with Mario’s Blog,  read below for further information:

I’m more than happy to work with PR companies/brands as long as any of the products are relevant and fit in with the existing themes of my blog- technology, health & fitness, Business & commerce, Cars or cooking/lifestyle.

All reviews, no matter what product, brand or price, will be written with 100% honesty even if that means sharing what’s bad about a product, in my opinion. I don’t modify or take blog posts down, the content remains mine at all times & these terms are never negotiable.

Posts required to be written within a certain time frame, can you please state this in an email when you first approach me with your requirement. If no time frame is given, reviews or blog posts will be in line with my normal blogging schedule.

Requests from PR or advertising companies should be emailed to me after DM’ing me on Twitter.