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Building a f**koff website – considerations

What I think about Digital transformation

I’ve spent a whole lot of time in business working on transformational change, and occasionally I like to go into a bit more detail than a usual blog post, so see the attached document with a project I’ve recently been balls deep in, and how I’d of potentially tackled it from the start, with enough authority, autonomy and choice.

The thing with digital transformation is time and time again I see the same issue – the people are forgotten about. You see, and oh the irony, the big ol messy fleshy human sacks of meat are the most important component in a Digital project, and businesses always forget this. Especially the less digitally native ones. And people scupper other peoples plans, it’s not always the digital project which fails, but mostly the people make it fail. Click the link below to read the document.


Its quite simple really, empower the people who know what they are doing to do what they know, and you’ll have success. Businesses need to be brave, and bold. Especially if digital is to be their DNA for the future.

There’s a great article here from i-Scoop on the subject, which I would suggest you read if you’re interested. There’s also a good article on Adweek surprisingly & you can read that here

There’s a great article on Forbes about why a lot of Digital transformation fails in business, and is also worth a read here

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