Welcome to my 2018 podcast line up. I started podcasting way back a decade or more ago, but as I do so much blogging but not always having enough time to do Video as I’d like, audio sits nicely in the middle. I spend two hours a day in the car, so I use these two hours to reflect, talk about my projects, how I handled certain things, experiences I’ve had, then I record it and upload it so you can listen to it too!

Each episode is thirty minutes long so ideal for the morning commute or during your lunch time gym session maybe. I started these as a way of getting some quick thoughts down, I don’t always have time to blog, I wanna’ get my intent across in how I do things and I also find it all a bit cathartic. I do these from my car, utilising that time to hopefully provide some good content for other PM’s.

Episode Guide

Ep 0.1 – {pilot}  30 minutes When you’re considering a new website project. 

I’m often walking people though considerations when they start a web build. Whether they are an MLM marketer, a mummy blogger, or a local business there’s times I find myself repeating the same information. No matter how the technology changes there really are some fundamental things you need to consider. This first podcast covers those things and augments the category of posts on my home page which you should read. 



Ep 1  30 minutes EP1_Digital Transformation

This is about the struggles business have when it comes to Digital Transformation. What does it mean, how should it be done. What are the pitfalls and what when you’re such an old-fashioned company, taking the leap to Digital just seems too much. Read the associated blog post here

Ep 2 30 minutes – EP2_Leading Digital transformation

This episode discusses the role of leadership and it’s importance in successful Digital Transformation. So many companies forget the key to a successful Digital project actually relies on it’s people. You can read about learning how you Sphere of Influence and the Shadows you cast all are important to consider, when you’re a leader.


Ep 3 30 minutes – EP3_The Importance of Good Documentation

Even in a world of Agile, documentation is super important. Understanding the landscape and culture of the business you work in, will help shape the level of documentation which will be consumed successfully. Learn about what are key documents & why you shouldn’t skimp on them. You can read the follow up blog post here. 


Ep 4 30 minutes – EP4_Why Bricks and Mortar may be key to Digital e-Commerce

For years I’ve witnessed how Bricks & Mortar is often portrayed in being dead. Very few companies carefully manage their physical real estate, understanding how it can augment & complement its on-line offering. We cover it in this podcast and you can read some follow up thoughts on why Bricks & Mortar may not be dead, here.


Ep 5 30 minutes – EP5_Project Lasagne, a layering methodology

Methodologies have always been all the rage. With stalwarts blindly pushing the benefits of one or another, and complaining when companies don’t follow them to the letter. On the otherhand, companies rarely have a grasp on the different methodologies & how it could benefit their business. Read and listen about my experiences and how Agile always ends up Waterfall!


Ep 6 30 minutes – EP6_When you’re dropped into a project Shit Storm

Not all of us are lucky to be involved with projects straight from the off. Usually you are dropped in at some point during the projects life, and you have to pick things up. Listen to a couple of thoughts I have on situations like this and Read the follow up blog post on coming in half way through!