Emotional Health

This is a page dedicated to posts and articles where I write about emotional health. In an ever complicated world whereby we strive to perform we need to remember our minds as well as our bodies. Its good to see more & more online discussion about emotional health and general mental wellness but I talk about it (with a slightly tongue in cheek) from my perspective and in the hurdles and professional challenges I’ve had in my life, how being in control of your mind (and giving yourself a break) can give you a competitive edge. And keep you sane to boot!

Leading people, companies, and taking on considerable responsibility can reprogram and rewire how the brain copes with stress and how you fundamentally see the environment around you. Join me in my chartered journey into understanding my mind.



5 Ways To Improve Your Staff

If there is one thing that’s more important than anything else in your business, it’s happiness among your staff. The

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Time Management 101

I recently attended some trial company-provided training on time management & being productive. Although I was grateful for it,  I

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6 Tips To Carve Out A Career You Can Enjoy

Life is all about finding happiness in your career; if you are unhappy with what you do, then it will

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How To Stay Healthy Whilst Stuck In An Office

nb: collaborative post Maintaining good health whilst working long hours in an office environment can seem like quite a tricky

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Why you suck!

I’m going to let you in on a secret I discovered a few years ago. It was a secret which

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My food & exercise routine

I want to recap my food & exercise routine.

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Read about my Great East Run 2018

Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone whose offered up a word or two of encouragement. A huge thank you also

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Changing business culture retrospectively.

Culture. ‘Culture’, It’s a funny word, isn’t it? In part because it means so many different things to different people.

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A recap on my health and personal fitness goals 2018 (14 months in)

A recap on my personal health & fitness goals for 2018

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Mental & Physical Health Big Data.

I’ve recently had opportunity (thanks to where I work) to take part in a Myers Briggs / Jung-esque Psychometric profiling

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