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The Delivery Manager Daily

I’ve started to record a series of Podcasts about Delivery Management. It’s a proof in concept at the minute which will hopefully get better over time, but I’ve done the first ten episodes or so. Starting with a little about me, & how I got into the role along with the things I think make up a good DM & what on earth a Delivery

Available on Google podcasts (say ‘hey Google, play the Delivery Manager Daily’), Spotify, Apple Podcasts & a YouTube version with the media I use in the podcast such as PowerPoint decks, give it a listen, like, subscribe, do all the things.

There’s a Twitter feed too, so go & follow that @dm_daily

What’s funny is talking to my daughters, or my partner Rebecca, it’s often joked about that no one really knows what I do, so in short, I help large (often public sector) organisations through digital transformation projects. Those projects are often anything from learning about Agile & Digital, to bringing to life digital products, software platforms, digital services for the public & my role, is to make those things happen.

Over the years my roles evolved & morphed as I’ve gotten better at my craft, so from general project management to more portfolio & strategic planning & a whole lot of coaching is what I do now, often with C-suite exec’s who are trying to straddle the old world they knew, & the new world I know.

In between all that, I dabble in development, full stack I guess, building out websites, integrations & middleware for various projects. This years portfolio has included a booking platform for a fisheries lake, some RPA for a local accountant, an e-commerce website for a local jam maker in London – so pretty varied.

In my personal life I’ve just started to finish & take the Scrum SPS Nexus exam, & I’m out on the MTB more than ever, so yeah…..

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