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Creating a Website for Your Small Business – Top 10 Considerations to Make

If you have reached the conclusion that your small business needs a website, you are right! All businesses need a website to increase visibility, audience reach, and profit potential. Additionally, a potential customer that can’t find a company’s website is more likely to lose trust in that brand and move onto another one. Having a solid online presence allows your audience to find you quickly and get to know your brand. Don’t miss out on this new business opportunity with the tips below!

Add a Call to Action

Having a steady stream of monthly or daily visitors on your website is excellent. Crafting good content and posting regularly enough is likely to get you there at some point. However, turning that interest into profit is another matter, and this step often represents that challenge that many small businesses struggle to overcome. 


One of the web engagement strategies you can use to ensure that your visitors take action when browsing your site is crafting a call to action. These are usually bright buttons that nudge the visitor into taking action. The action does not necessarily have to be buying your products online. Even if this is the ultimate goal, you can consider it to be favourable if your visitors opt to subscribe to a newsletter or download a free ebook.

Don’t Forget to Create a Newsletter.

Creating a newsletter is the best way to stay in touch with your audience over time. The current pandemic has given us an example of the importance of implementing such tools. Indeed, if your physics business has to close for unforeseen reasons, having a newsletter can keep your audience updated on things like offers, new opening times, new products, and events. 


Even better, by having a newsletter with several subscribers, you will know that any of the new products you will launch will immediately have followers.

Get on Social Media

Even if you have been holding back, it is time to create social media pages for your business. Even if you are not aiming to have thousands of followers, it is important to show your audience a little more about your brand. This strategy allows you to increase your business’ reach and communicate new services and offers to the market.


Make It Easy to Navigate

This is potentially the most important factor of all. Your website must be easy to navigate! Even if you have a lot of products and services to offer, you should ensure that a customer can find everything they need immediately and effortlessly. 


Browsers tend to spend as little as 15 seconds before moving onto another site and another brand. Allowing them to take action on the product they were looking for is essential! To do so, consider using some usability tests such as card sorting. This method, as well as others like the Tree Method, allows you to organize your website to make it easier to navigate and create smart categories and subcategories.

Make Sure It Is Responsive

As we have seen above, timings matter. With such a fierce competition online and not, no small businesses can afford to lose a potential customer because their website is too slow. Luckily, there are easy tests you can take to check how much time your website takes to load. 


Alternatively, speaking to an expert will give you a better understanding of what you need to do to ensure that your website runs faster and in a smoother way. Making it lighter is usually the answer, but asking for professional help can help you solve all the issues and hiccups you might be experiencing at once.

It Has to Work Well on Mobile!

Even if your website looks cool on your laptop, don’t forget that many users will just use their phones to browse web pages and eCommerce stores. Therefore, testing your site to ensure that it is just as easy to navigate when viewed from a phone is essential. If you are struggling with such adaptation, speaking to a developer or website designer can help you solve your issue in a fast, efficient way. Best of all, this strategy can encourage customers to complete a sale from anywhere by using their phones!

Media Attracts the Eye

There are millions of websites, and getting yours to stand out when against an international scale is not easy. However, there are tips to use to ensure that your site meets all the preferences, trends, and requirements users indicate today. 


And, of course, the media is one of them. This is the era of video marketing – a marketing method that has become increasingly accessible in the last few years. While advertisements would require large budgets and be adopted by large companies, today, channels such as YouTube have started to make this accessible to small businesses too. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Alternative Marketing Strategies.

Budget is important, especially for small businesses. It is normal to count every cent in and every cent out. However, spending on marketing should be rather seen as an investment a company does for a greater future. 


Of course, this is only valid if your investment is toward the right marketing strategy. Indeed, not all of them might be adequate for your business, and some might also be counterproductive. If you are not sure what can enhance your brand better, speak to a professional marketing agency!

Understand Your Audience

Your audience will make a difference in the kind of offers and services you will need to develop and offer. However, such an audience is the one reading the website! Check what type of content they would be more interested in and strive to rank your website on Google to increase engagement.

Creating a Continuum With Your Brand

Lastly, your brand’s website should be a reflection of the brand itself. Of course, you should ensure it boasts all the services you are already offering. However, introducing a page that speaks more about your idea, the mission and vision of the company can also give your audience the chance to get to know your brand a little better and make a conscious choice!

In Summary

As you can see, there’s lots for you to think about. Want to know more, there’s another great article on Pixpa here which carries on the conversation.

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