How Can You Attract Eyes At A Business Convention?

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When taking the time to attend and present a booth at a business convention, odds are you wish for it to be seen and interacted with. But this can be a difficult aim in an environment where every other business has the same goal. Some may consider going all out, giving away expensive merchandise for free and curating an expensively-produced short film that places on a loop. Some may decide to be proactive and speak to people around the trade fair, directing them to the stall. Other businesses may decide to dress their staff members up as carrots.

What works for you may not work for another business, but it’s true that you’ll both be competing for the time of the audience. But more than that, you hope for them to stay and positively engage with that you have to offer, even if that simply means learning more about something you’re working on.

How can you achieve these goals? And moreover, how can you achieve these goals among a group also trying to get there first? We have some advice to this end:

Train Your Staff Well

Staff training should be non-negotiable, yet when it comes to events like this, firms can often turn a blind eye and simply ask their staff to train with a brief. But are they natural presenters? How will they appear to a large crowd? Are they fully understanding of the new service you hope to push and promote? It’s important to properly ensure your staff are up to the task through careful training, and sometimes, even hiring performers to help you can be a worthwhile use of your time.

Curate Your Booth

What does your booth have to offer? Do you allow customers to walk in and see the products you have on show, with carefully laid out demonstrations? Are you more interested in talking to a passing group of people? Will you offer engagement, such as signing up to follow social media profiles for free merch, or an alternative? Open Exhibitions, and the services they provide, can help you understand just what it is you want to get out from your strategy – and from there develop a better approach.

Have Fun & Be Positive!

It’s important to recognize that a business convention is not necessarily a money-making environment. While you’re in competition with other brands, this is not a bloodsport. In fact, you should be promoting the best of your brand, such as showing how problems can be solved, what ethics you hold, how you wish to shape the future of the industry, or what changes are to be excitedly considered. Have fun and be positive! It’s fun and interesting to engage with your audience. You can learn a good amount from this experience, provided you take the time to reflect. If you are giving out positive energy to the event-goers, you’re sure to receive it in kind. This, in itself, can help you structure your goals correctly.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily attract eyes at any worthwhile business convention.

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