Great East Run 2018

Hilariously, I’d forgotten I’d signed up for the Simply Health Great East Run in Ipswich and as my iPhone reminder pinged telling me I had less than twenty two days left, a bit of a sinking feeling crept into my stomach earlier this week. ‘It’s ok’ I told myself, ‘It’s only a 10k, no worries’ but oh no, it’s only a half marathon, isn’t it?! Fuck! What the fuck was I thinking?!

Well, as my training at the minute is primarily weight training and less cardio as I’ve slowly given up on getting into the London Marathon (although I’m still in the ballot for 2019!), I went to the gym at Hatchford Brook this evening to do an hour on the treadmill which I have to say, was much easier than I thought it would be. I’m probably ready for 21k but I’ll get a little 16k in over the weekend and go from there. A half marathon seems natural progression for me based on my performance so there shouldn’t be an issue here.

I’m not going to punish myself for not being perfect though. I live like a fucking saint these days, with macro-nutrient controlled dieting eating at a calorie deficit of around 300-400k/cals 6 days a week, with only one ‘refeed’ or ‘cheat’ meal or whatever you want to call it, I really can’t do any more. Weights dropping off again, but it’s definitely tough going. I’m just a natural fattie, what can I say!?

The challenge at the minute for me is I’m just getting a bit bored. I do notice when I eat shit, I feel immediately shit afterwards which in turn, puts me off eating shit, but it’s massively hard at the minute and it’s only the Gary Vee Daily and TWIT on my podcast list keeping me in the gym!

So, I figure there’s a couple of things I need to do before race day including;

  • Build a Spotify playlist (super important)
  • Probably buy some new running shoes as my gate has changed a bit
  • Pack & book a hotel (eek!)

At this point it’s a reminder to you & myself on why I’m doing this. Mental Health is something which becomes more close to my heart every year as I learn more about those with disorders and experiencing first hand through family the impact Mental Health issues has on not only individuals but on those supporting them. It’s a stark reality one in six of us will have or experience mental health problems and with the way society is at the minute (which I talk about on my blog) it’s no wonder. Please find time to donate a few pound to help me hit my £100 goal for the Alzheimer’s Society and in return, I’ll be doubling every quid I make. It means a lot. Go and do it now! Just Giving Page here.

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