How To Diversify Your Income As A Blogger

Running a successful blog takes a lot of time and effort and can make a good income. However, it’s always a good idea in business to diversify your income streams. After all, your blog might be one Google algorithm change away from disaster. 

So what other ways can you diversify in order to make more money? 

Create an app

Apps are a fantastic way of promoting your content. Find a good app development company that can help you build the perfect one. You can make money from selling the app or from advertising on it. 

Freelance writing

As you’ve created content for your blog, you’ve probably become something of a good writer. Freelance writing for online and print publications can be a good source of income for you. 

Pull together a portfolio of your best work. If you think it might be lacking in some areas, then write a few spec pieces to add to it. You should already have made some good contacts in other brands and publications. 

Create a course

You already have a successful blog, which is one step ahead of many people. Every day, people launch blogs in the hope that they will become well-read and attract a large audience. They can learn from you. By creating a course, or a number of them, people can pay to learn from you. You can choose to create courses on WordPress, SEO, Social Media, brand collaborations and anything else you think would be useful to them. 

There are many fantastic course creation sites out there like Podia or Thinkific, which can manage the entire process for you. All you need to do is promote your courses effectively. 

Create videos

Even if you prefer writing, you have to accept that video is huge and the opportunities to monetise it are amazing. Whether you go for YouTube or TikTok, there are potentially huge audiences out there. 

There are many resources out there on how to create good content, promote it and monetise it effectively. You may need to learn some new skills such as video editing but these are great skills to have. 

Event speaking

Successful bloggers are always in demand for digital marketing and blogging events. They are paid a fee for their speaker slot and this can often lead to more work in this area. Speaker bureaus are a good place to put your profile. 

You can either talk about blogging, or in some cases, the topic of your blog can be your blog niche, whether that’s parenting, business, health or whatever your interest. 

Set up a blog in a different niche

Is there another blog niche that you could write in? If your main blog is a lifestyle blog, could you also write about saving money, parenting, digital marketing or even blogging? Running an entirely new blog from scratch is a big task but if you can build an income from brand affiliations, affiliate marketing and advertising, then it could become lucrative. 

Final thoughts

It makes good sense to have your income coming from multiple places, especially if your only source of income is your blog. By doing this you are not only making more money, but you’ll be able to cope financially if one of these income streams disappears.

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