How do you solve a problem like the Z generation.

So how do you solve a problem like the Z generation?

They are here! The Z generation are coming!

I have been reading some books & articles recently about a topic I’m infinitely interested in – marketing & psychology.  I wanted to highlight the three core-take away’s from what I’ve read, about marketing to Generation ‘Z’….

Generation X has become Generation Y, millennial’s are growing up so the next target demographic are ‘Gen Z’ (or ‘zee’ if your American!) – the next major consumer group comprised of teens who are younger than 19 today. Just like my own children, these are people who have grown up with full access to the Internet and the technology we know. Completely native, it’s a tough call to woo this group and win their loyalty, love and ultimately income.

Companies and brands need to truly understand how to tap into Gen Z’s psychol0gy, here’s the things you need to know;

When it comes to social media, think You Tube and Snap Chat

93% of Gen Z say they visit YouTube at least once a week, with 54% visit the site multiple times throughout the day. Gen Z also use Twitter (26%) and Instagram (17%) on a weekly basis but ultimately less often.  With more and more mobile-only social networks such as Tiiny, brands need to create shorter form content – whether this is video or animated images tailored to each platform.

Empower people to do things for themselves

Growing up during a time of economic uncertainty, forced to be ever resourceful and self-motivated. 76% of Z gen’s want to turn their own hobbies into a business. Going your own way is key. Starting companies or creating or building things without waiting for permission is rife. Self-reliance and empowerment are key elements of engagement. Brands such give customers the tools to learn, do or experience. How Two’s and Educational videos are soaring in popularity, creating online communities to help collaboratively achieve a goal takes the term ‘DIY’ to a new level. Engagement tactics will need to include community, collaboration and Gamification.

Cross-platform marketing approach

Gen Z’ers traverse digital mediums like no other. Brands need to travel along with them. Both platform-specific and cross platform tactics need to be thought about.  See this excerpt below from Mashable for an example on how this works;

Imagine, for example, that a brand’s overall goal is to build brand awareness. A cross-platform strategy takes this overarching concept one step further by developing platform-specific tactics. The tactic for reaching customers might change, but the overall message should remain consistent — regardless of the platform. It should still be easily recognized as an extension of the overall brand. For a specific cross-platform example, look at Forbes’ take on Beats By Dre’s #ShowYourColor campaign.

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