My Topology

So my aim in my Topology is to have a connection from my existing Sky ADSL router, going upstairs into the office, feeding a Cisco 800 series IS router. That in turn, will liven a Cisco 2900 XL switch, and from that, network up my Cisco lab. It’ll be VLANed off from the rest of my network using a 10.10.x.x address, and my intended Microsoft Lync 2013 topology will also be subnetted differently, but to which I’m also going to connect to this Cisco switch. Meanwhile, my existing Class C subnet in place, for all my domestic equipment, consoles, tablets, laptops etc, will all happily run as normal.

I do want to set up a point to point VPN also, to a Cisco router on my desk at work, just for proof of concept, so I’ll get round to that at some point, and flesh out the detail of this topology in due course.