Useful Excel BAT template for Call Manager


Useful Excel BAT template for Call Manager – Granted, this is more for my learning and reference than you, but it *could* be useful. As you administer Call Manager, you’ll find yourself for larger sites constantly inputting swatches of CSV formatted data, for things such as phones and users, user device profiles etc. I found myself constantly doing one thing;

Wasting time trying to work out complex Excel functions to trim and adjust pasted data

So I wrote this spread sheet which has several functions. Firstly, it pre-populates a bunch of stringed data for Call Manager insertion, so partition and calling search space set up etc. Simply pop a site code in or site reference and your done. There’s also an inline calculator which will work out EF values (but that’s a topic for another post)! More useful to most maybe, are the catch-all Excel functions that everyone should know, but probably forget such as removing spaces, or trimming leading zeros, or bulk formatting columns etc.

It may save you time, it certainly saves me some!