Opening Up A Garage: What To Think About

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The automotive industry may not be your first choice for a career, but it is fast becoming an industry where any entrepreneur can thrive. Not to mention the potential profits you can make. Whether you decide to sell cars or run a car garage or combine the two, the automotive industry could be the ideal place to start your own business. The one thing to remember is that many of us own a car or use some mode of transport that would require purchasing or repair, which makes the automotive industry very lucrative. With that in mind, here are some of the tips to consider for your very own garage.  

Think about the garage location

One of the biggest decisions you need to make when it comes to opening a motor garage, whether for sales, repair or both, is the location of the garage itself. We can’t drive down a main road these days without seeing some form of dealership in all its glory, so the location matters in regards to footfall and traffic as well as the competition you might have from other companies far larger than your own. 

What services will you offer customers?

There are plenty of different options you can provide customers within your motor garage. For instance, you could focus solely on the repair and service side of things. Perhaps offering maintenance packages or warranty work, or simply repair. You could extend that to selling cars on the forecourt, whether that is just solely used or whether you go down the route of becoming a franchised dealer and specialising with a manufacturer. Each have their own pros and cons attached to them, but equally can be just as profitable on their own or as a combined venture. 

Consider the equipment you need

The workshop specifically will need specialist equipment which is where most of your initial investment and startup costs will go. From things like the heavy haulage wheels for moving a car that is stationary, diesel tanks that need to be in stock, to the hydraulic lifts to get them high so you can work on the engine underneath. You also need to consider the customer experience, and often this is when a woman in this industry can shine through. Never take advantage of the market, it is a saturated industry to be in so you do need to consider how you can be unique. 

Ensure that you hire technicians with an array of experience

Finally, hire the staff and technicians with the expertise you desire. Often technicians have become masters in their field specialising with different manufacturers, which can help you provide a more diverse service for all customers. You also need to consider customer service on the front desk and, of course, sales staff if you want to sell cars. Sales people in this industry have a bad name, but again this is where you can strive to be unique. 

Anyone in this industry can do remarkably well and can be extremely profitable when the business is done right.

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