Rivalries are good


We are fortunate enough to work with many great clients. One of the things we do is help build brands. Watching a brand grow & develop, we see differing techniques in marketing to help make that brand visible, and we wanted to talk today about ‘Disruptive marketing’.

Brand rivalry is nothing new. Pepsi or Coca Cola. Apple or Samsung. Windows or Linux. Star Wars or Star Trek. Endless debates are solicited just by asking the question ‘which is better’ and helps keeps the products or brands in peoples minds. Using Pizza as an example, if you want quick ‘guaranteed in 30 mins’ pizza you may go for Dominoes. If you want better quality then maybe you’d think of Papa Johns. They are competing for customers in the same space, but are very clear about who they there. This is a good example of how rivalry can work for a brand.

Rivalries are good

There’s a great article by Joshua Johnson on Design Shack about the history of various well-known brands & rivalries, it’s worth a read here

So we’re talking about ‘disruptive marketing’. But what is it? You’ve most likely witnessed it already. This is where one brand very publically calls out another, and starts trash talking about them via ads, social media and virals. If the opposing brand is up for the game, the resultant to and fro’ can be very entertaining to watch. The public, often highly amusing brand brawl can result in increased sales and brand awareness for the victor.

Take Apple and Samsung for example, and the #bendgate fiasco.


Cheekily making a jibe at Apple with the ad above, this helped keep those already in the Samsung camp galvanized to the brand whilst at the same time, potentially tempting others to move over to Samsung. Now, although the ad above was created by an independent marketing agency & not Samsung ,it does show how a bit of cheeky finger pointing can help elevate your own brand.



Other brands got on the bandwagon too, talking smack about Apple didn’t help their efforts to keep the bend gate situation quiet.

Kitkat (also the name of an Android operating system running on Samsung phones) chimed in with their “we don’t bend, we break” tweet



Whether its Venus or Serena Williams, Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton, the constant one-upmanship is irresistible for consumers and encourages playground style competition. Competition means better. Better service, better products & better brand relationships.

If your starting a brand, picking a fight can be beneficial to getting your name out there. As long as your finger pointing contains substance & the quality of your product stands up under scrutiny, then why not? Talking about your own strengths by pointing out a rivals weakness is a great way of highlighting the bits which make you ‘good’. If you’re competitors are lacking in the areas you are highlighting, this will resonate with consumers and your target audience.

You’d do well picking a marketing company such as BCS who understand how to do this properly however. Get it wrong and you’ll distance your consumers & erode your brand. It may turn people off.

Maybe if you’re launching a product, and your wondering about your competition, maybe you should realize there’s sometimes only one way to find out whose best. FIIIIGGGGHHHTTT . I mean, a little competition never hurt anyone did it ☺ Why not talk to us about your brand requirements; you’ll be amazed at what we can do. Contact me on Twitter to discuss your brand

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