Tips For Improving A Company’s Building Operations Team

For any company premises, the building’s operation team is an integral part of the organization. It helps to have a good team in place that’s responsible for the upkeep of the business inside and out. Whether that’s improving its appearance visually to identifying and solving risks or problems within the building itself.

As a business, it’s good to work on improving a building operations team. If that’s something that needs to be addressed, then here are some tips to improve this important team.

Ensure there’s enough staff to manage on-site problems

The problem that can often occur when it comes to building management staff is that there are not enough of them, to begin with. It’s important to have enough staff to manage on-site problems in relation to how big the building is. For example, it might be that it only needs one or two members of staff within this team for a building that houses under 100 employees.

For other organizations where there are hundreds of staff on-site, it may be helpful to have a dozen or so on the team.

Have an emergency contacts list 

An emergency contacts list is crucial for those occasions where an emergency is in progress and help is needed immediately. Even if the problem isn’t dangerous immediately, it can be helpful to have an emergency contacts list handy and available to speed up the arrival of aid.

This could be a selection of commercial electricians, plumbers, and anyone that would be able to help fix or resolve a building problem. For example, if there are lifts in the building, then a lift engineer might be needed to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. 

Put procedures and protocols in place for all team members

With a building operations team, putting procedures and protocols in place that all team members are knowledgeable of, is essential.

This makes sure that everyone knows exactly what to do, should a senior staff member or manager be unavailable. Having everyone within the team have a shared knowledge of what to do in certain scenarios is definitely helpful to keep things ticking along.

Communication is key

Communication is one of those qualities that many businesses can end up lacking. It’s important that when it comes to communicating, everyone is doing it within the team. A system or platform is in place to help with this communication, whether one team member is at their desk and another is fixing something in the building basement, everyone should be readily available.

This communication is one that will definitely help with the organization of the building and its staff.

Operate an open feedback policy for the workforce

It’s important to operate an open feedback policy for the workplace where possible. This is handy for anyone working in operations because it’s impossible to have eyes and ears everywhere in the building, all the time. Encourage staff to feedback and alert the operations staff to problems.


With these tips implemented, a business operation’s team will certainly be more efficient as a result.


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