Saving Space In Your Home Office – A Simple Guide

Working remotely has become the new norm for many businesses, or at least, it’s now a feasible option for firms that are forward-thinking, and wish to be flexible. Scheduling meetings over video conferencing apps is much more useful than doing so in person, while allowing employees that feel ill to stay at home and work to the degree that they can is surely better than having them spend an entire day away from the office.

There are also additional benefits to this – workers that are given the chance to work remotely from time to time are generally happier in their jobs. Who wouldn’t be?That said, one thing that we all learned from the Covid lockdowns was that establishing a worthwhile workplace in our homes can be tough, especially if we don’t have that much extra space or a dedicated home office to work from. It might be that you do have a space, but room comes at a premium here.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few ways you can save space in a home office, if only to give yourself more space or to provide more utility to such an environment. With that in mind, please consider:

Pull-Out Drawers & Tables

Pull out drawers you can use to store files and computer peripherals can be a good idea. It might be that installing pull-out tray roller tracks underneath a table can help you place a keyboard in a convenient location, off the main desk, allowing you a little more room to type and a little more room to write in your notebook. A side table can also provide a worthwhile functionality, too.


A Worthwhile Filing System

A good filing system, such as a binder holder at the side of your desk, can also work wonders in keeping your paper files together. Of course, many software packages are starting to take the place of the usual logistical note tools we have otherwise kept hold of. Evernote and Google Keep are great examples, for instance. There may even be industry-specific software you could also use, too. For instance, Adobe comments and highlights can help you manage creative projects with care and collaborate with others using that software.

Miniature Computers

A worthwhile Mini PC can provide you all of the processing power you need from a desktop machine without needing so much space to run a small or mid-tower case. Mini PC’s can be placed to the side of a monitor or under a desk without taking up much room at all, which can certainly help you save the bulk of a larger machine. After all, while laptops and tablets can provide you with portability, they lack in the potential rendering power many industries and freelancers may require. A mini PC, either prebuilt or custom, then, could be the best possible solution, providing the benefits of both worlds.


With this advice, you’re certain to save space in your home office.

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