More secure Web – SSL

More secure Web – SSL

There’s nothing better than being secure. I write about it here but there have been changes recently that YOU need to know about!

So from the start of this month, Google Chrome 56 started to show warnings for unencrypted sites that collect passwords or C/C data. It subsequently labels them as non-secure. The idea being that in the effort to make a safer web experience, clearer in-browser signposting will give users knowledge & subsequent power – to the services they use.

“A web with ubiquitous HTTPS is not the distant future. It’s happening now, with secure browsing becoming standard for users of Chrome,” say Chrome’s security team.

Some nerd stats suggest that people ignore security alerts 87% of the time according to naked Security at Sophos, you’re most likely not going to ignore this;

So that’s how Google is going to label insecure sites. Why are they doing this? Well, stat’s don’t lie. Less than 0.1% of websites are secure, and they deem you need to know about it.

On the other hand, HTTPS dominates Chrome browsing. Figures from Google’s Transparency Report show that worldwide the percentage of pages loaded over HTTPS on Chrome on all platforms has surpassed 50%, up from 40% in mid-2015. On Chrome OS the figure is 68%.

What we’ve done at Creative Pixel

You probably know I run a small development & creative company (head over to here for further info) and my customers, well, I’ve already given them SSL certificates & fortified their sites so as to not flag up these warnings & detract from their UX or create unease with their customers. Why should you consider HTTPS though?

There’s some great content here from Heart Internet which you should check out or give me a Tweet if you want to know any further about SSL.

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